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    Toxicologist & Medical Scientist.
    Dr. Noreen Introduction
    « My name is Dr. Noreen Khan-Mayberry, otherwise known as “The Tox Doc.” As a professional Toxicologist, I study how contaminants in our environment can cause adverse health effects on the human body, and how long term exposure to these contaminants can lead to cancer and other chronic diseases.»
    Why should the viewer should care about indoor air pollution?
    « The air inside our homes and offices is 5 TIMES more polluted than the outside air – and on average we spend about 80-90% of our time indoors. In addition to the dust, dander, and pollen that we’re all familiar with and that many of us are allergic to, today, we’re also dealing with constant exposure to toxic airborne chemicals that evaporate into our air from, primarily, the materials used to construct the buildings themselves – flooring, wall paint, carpeting – as well as chemical cleaning agents and even seemingly harmless items like our cosmetics and clothes. We’ve also seen a steep incline in asthma rates – now the #1 chronic disease in children that also affects millions of adults nationwide – and we know that symptoms can be worsened by airborne contaminants. And on top of all that, today, our homes and office buildings are sealed tight, built to be more energy efficient, but unfortunately this also means we find much higher levels of these contaminants trapped inside, with nowhere to go except our lungs. »

    What are the dangers of indoor air pollution, especially airborne chemicals?
    « On a daily basis, we’re all exposed to a chemical mixture, or “soup” as I call it, which can contain formaldehyde, mold, dust, VOCs, industrial emissions, and a whole long list of other contaminants that can cause health damage. »

    The most dangerous airborne chemical is formaldehyde; it’s classified by the World Health Organization as a carcinogen, meaning that it’s likely to cause cancer in humans, and the range of its toxic health effects is well accepted by the world’s leading experts.
    How prevalent is formaldehyde in homes/offices, what are the sources?
    « Formaldehyde is typically present at much higher levels inside our homes than outdoors because it’s emitted into the air by household items we’re surrounded with each day - some of the biggest culprits being new carpet, paint, pressed wood floors and furniture, and most household cleaners/disinfectants. Other significant sources include tile adhesives, caulking, flame retardants in fabrics, bedding, and even haircare products and cosmetics.

    And more energy efficient buildings act as a “vacuum” that trap this formaldehyde and other airborne chemicals inside the spaces we live and work, with nowhere to go except our lungs.»
    Describe how formaldehyde affects the body.
    «Formaldehyde is known a carcinogen, and its cancer-causing effects are accepted globally by leading world institutions. Continuous low-level exposure to formaldehyde primarily affects the brain, cardiovascular system, and major detoxification organs, the liver and kidneys.»
    What’s the importance of a good air purifier?
    « Our lungs act as the body’s “scrubbers” – so, constant exposure to pollutants through inhalation can have complex, long-term health effects, like chronic disease. While we can’t control the air quality everywhere, we can vastly reduce our daily chemical exposure –and the long-term damage it can cause – at home and at work, where we spend much of our time, by utilizing air purification technology. The Rowenta Intense Pure Air is the first air purifier to capture and destroy formaldehyde and filter up to 99.7% of indoor air pollutants.»
    « Why is the 4th filtration stage, the NanoCaptur Filter, so important?
    « Unlike any other air purifiers on the market, The Rowenta Intense Pure Air features a science-backed “NanoCaptur Filter,” which captures and destroys formaldehyde.
    The NanoCaptur filter contains small colorless nanoporous granules, which are coated with a special probe molecule that destroys formaldehyde upon contact; this chemical interaction produces a neutral yellow-orange molecule, which causes the filter’s nanoporous granules to change color from yellow to dark brown over time, as more and more formaldehyde is destroyed. So we’re able to see it working with our naked eye.
    Rowenta’s team of scientific researchers worked for 10 years to develop this groundbreaking technology, the only existing solution to destroy Formaldehyde, which is protected by 5 international patents.»
    Why is this such an exciting new product?
    « What is so exciting to me is that we are now being given an opportunity to use the absolute best technology available with the Rowenta Intense Pure air system. As a professional toxicologist – and as a mom, having the opportunity to help reduce my family’s exposure as well as my own in such a significant way, is priceless - and something I’m extremely proud to share.»
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