What Makes A Good Humidifier?
What makes a good humidifier?
To protect your health from the effects of air that is too dry, it is important to use a good air humidifier.
Several factors must be taken into account.
  • Technology
    There are several humidification technologies currently available on the market: evaporation, warm mist, and ultrasonic. Systems that use warm mist and evaporation can incur inconveniences such as the formation of vapor from boiling water that is dangerous for children, or the use of filters that encourage the proliferation of bacteria.
  • Anti-bacterial action
    The presence of an anti-bacterial function is essential to prevent the proliferation of bacteria in the water. Notably, heating the water before diffusion into the air is proven to be effective against the growth of bacteria.
  • A hygrometer
    Extremely dry air can cause damages on your health but this is also the case for extreme humidity. The hygrometer measures the level of humidity in the air and adjusts the speed of the steam output according to the desired level. The device will set itself to standby when it has achieved the optimal level of humidity.
  • The Steam Output
    The steam output must be as high as possible. However, be aware that the higher the steam output, the higher the impact on the autonomy and sound level of the device.
  • Autonomy
    The bigger the water tank, the higher the autonomy of the device. On the other hand, this will impact the size of the device.
  • Anti-Scale Cartridge

    The water used to humidify the home will vary in hardness. The mist created by the device can therefore lead to the formation of limescale deposits.

    To prevent this phenomenon, ensure that the humidifier is equipped with an anti-limescale cartridge.

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