• HU5120U0
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  • Description
  • Technical specification
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  • HU5120U0

    The Aqua Control humidifier ensures optimum humidity levels in the home, to protect your health from the effects of air that is too dry, and thus to reduce the risk of developing a respiratory disorder. Thanks to its anti-bacterial function, it also offers healthy humidification, without any bacteria.

    *MSRP, not minimum, not obligatory.

    In auto mode, thanks to its built-in hygrometer, the Intense Aqua Control humidifier detects the level of humidity in the room and automatically adjusts the humidity rate in your room between 50% and 60%.


    The Aqua Control humidifier boils the water at 95° F to guarantee a bacteria-free steam*. The water heats in the water tank before it is diffused into the air, which destroys the bacteria and ensures a free-bacteria moisture for optimum well being.
    *Test 230v, 50Hz, conditions 55%HR, 77°F


    The Rowenta Intense Aqua Control humidifier uses an ultimate Ultrasonic humidifying technology to create micro-fine cool water droplets thanks to ceramic disc vibrations. This technology also offers high steam output and quick moisture. The unit releases up to 2 gallons of mist with up to 18 hours runtime thanks to its large water tank able to cover a large surface area of 500 sq feet.


    The Intense Aqua control is extremely quiet with only 40 dB(A) for peace of mind both day and night


    The baby mode automatically adjusts to your baby needs in humidity (50%) and runs for 7 hours with all the light off. Babies need a certain level of humidity, low humidity may cause irritation on the throat and result in coughs. High humidity may creates favorable conditions for the development of fungus or dust mites, which in turn may cause allergies. Thanks to this unique baby mode you always know what your baby needs!


    The intuitive LCD screens allows you to select the most appropriate mode for everyone’s needs.

    • In AUTO mode,the humidifier automatically adjusts the humidity rate in your room between 50% and 60%.
    • In NIGHT mode,the targeted room humidity level automatically set at 50%, speed gradually fades, and all lights are turned off and runs for 8 hours.
    • In MANUAL mode, the targeted room humidity can be set between 40% and 75%.
  • Technical specification
      • Ultra-sonic technology
      • Hygrometer to immediately measure the level of humidity
      • Turbo Mist Function
      • Output per day: 2gal
      • Water reservoir 5.5L
      • 3 pre-set programs: baby, automatic, night
      • Adjustable flow of vapor (3 speeds)
      • Quiet operation (only 40 dBA)
      • Suitable for a surface area of 500 sq ft
      • Adjustable circulation
      • Auto-stop function
      • LCD screen
      • 9h timer
      • Power: 110 W (at maximum speed)
      • Anti-limescale cartridge
      • Colour: Grey and Blue
      • Dimensions (L x D x H) inches: 7.87*7.67*13.3
      • Reference: HU5120U0
      • From $229.99*
        *MSRP, not minimum, not obligatory
      An anti-scale cartridge to prevent the reservoir of the humidifier from scaling.
      The cartridge filters the limescale out of the water, which improves the purity of the steam emitted by Intense Aqua Control and protects the humidifier from the effects of limescale over time.

      Average duration of use:
      The anti-scale cartridge must be changed approximately every 1 to 3 months. Its life span may be shorter or longer depending on the hardness of the water used. The appearance of white powder around the device is a sign that it is time to change the cartridge.

      Reference XD6050 U0